Patient rights: 



Obtaining medical care in the hospital regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion or condition

The patient has the right to receive medical information about his condition by a qualified medical team
The patient has the right to accept or refuse treatment, provided that he is informed of what may result from it and sign the special declaration.
 The patient has the right to refuse any treatment or medical plan unless there is a medical justification for it
Visit the consultant therapist or one of the competent doctors from his medical team within 24 hours of the patient's evaluation and on a daily basis.
Do not perform any surgical intervention or examination unless the patient is given the necessary information about him and signed (the declaration form) on it.
The patient should not be subjected to medical research or studies until he or she agrees to do so.

All patient data should be treated confidentially and privately except for those who the patient only wishes to see or when requested by legal authorities.